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Explore Snowmobiling tours specialises in exclusive journeys through Sweden, Finland and Norway’s Arctic landscape.
You will meet your guide Dave Grover at Heathrow airport on departure. Dave has 15 years’ experience in exploration snowmobiling and completed a weeks Arctic survival course with Ray Mears. Together with ex Swedish army officer Roger Jacobson, will ensure you complete each day and night in one piece.

It should be noted the expeditions are physically demanding and a good level of base fitness is required. The expeditions are extremely challenging and present a small level of risk. Despite the risk and hard work, the truly adrenaline raising, exhilarating experiences combined with breathtaking views, make this expedition an unmissable opportunity.

During the day, ride the latest snowmobiling technology capable of serious speeds up to 70 mph through the frozen wilderness, even taking in the Aurora Bararis. Digging snow mobiles out of thick snow is a daily occurrence, due to the rough nature of the routes you will take. Don’t worry! With typical 0-60mph times around 4 seconds, it won’t take long to get back on track.
At night, enjoy superb food, warm hospitality and a traditional Swedish sauna.
With reference to accommodation the picture gallery shows typical retreats. Accommodation is warm, practical and ideally suited to a good night’s sleep after an active day and a social evening. One evening will feature a visit to the bar of the famous Ice Hotel ® – literally sculpted from ice –. It really is the experience of a lifetime, and we can tell you that first hand!

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*Please note these photos were taken on behalf of Explore Snowmobiling and are images of our guides and expedition participants. All rights to these images are owned by David Grover of Explore Snowmobiling.